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Crystal-Clear, Reliable Calling in Rural Kansas

Crystal-Clear, Reliable Calling in Rural Kansas

Does spotty cell phone reception have you desperately searching for residential telephone service? Are you tired of being stuck in one room to talk on the phone so the call won’t get dropped? Home phone service from Wheat State Technologies is the answer. A landline phone provides peace of mind knowing it will work in the event of an emergency – or if you walk into another room.

Wheat State Technologies is a local residential telephone service provider serving customers in rural Kansas. We provide state-of-the-art digital voice calling with reliable service and exceptional customer support. Choose from a range of enhanced calling features like caller ID, voicemail, unlimited local calling and flat-rate long distance packages.

We also offer bundled residential internet and home phone packages.

Cassoday, KS Service Area

Matfield Green, KS Service Area

Olpe, KS Service Area

Potwin, KS Service Area

Rock, KS Service Area

Udall, KS Service Area

Residential Telephone Service Plans & Pricing

Home Phone Base Price

Residential phone service is $18.75 to $30.55 per month. Phone installation fee is $24, added to the first month’s bill.

Free Features Included with Every Landline Phone Plan

  • Digital switching for ultimate reliability
  • Unlimited local calling
  • 911 emergency calling service
  • 900 & 976 (pay per call) blocking
  • Long distance call blocking

Advanced Calling Features

  • Caller ID – $5.50/month
  • Call Waiting ID – $3.99/month
  • Call Waiting – $2.99/month
  • STOMP – $2.99/month
  • Voice Mail Pro – $4.95/month
  • Unlisted Number – $1.00/month

Long Distance Calling Plans

  • Great plans to suit your calling needs.
  • No blackout times or restrictions – rates are good 7 days per week, 24 hours a day
  • Low international rates. Call for a quote.
  • Single bill for both your long distance and local service
  • Incoming 800# service is available at equally competitive rates
  • Basic Plan – $0.12/minute
  • 60 Minute Plan – $3.00/month 
  • 100 Minute Plan – $4.95/month 
  • 300 Minute Plan – $12.95/month
  • 900 Minute Plan – $22.95/month
  • Unlimited Plan – $38.95/month