Telephone and Internet Service Udall KS

Phone & High-Speed Internet Provider in Udall

Phone & High-Speed Internet Provider in Udall

Wheat State Technologies is a business and residential telephone and high-speed internet provider in Udall, KS. We serve rural communities in central Kansas as well as the Flint Hills area. You can count on us to deliver exceptional customer service with 24/7 help desk support, cost-effective pricing and the most reliable network around. It’s easy to get started online: Just select the service you need or bundle your internet, landline phone and long distance and save. 

Rural Internet Service in Udall, KS

Home Internet Service

If you’re looking for fast, reliable home internet in Udall, we’ve got you covered. Wheat State Technologies provides high-speed residential fiber and broadband internet in rural Kansas communities. No matter which plan you choose, you’ll receive free protection from spam and viruses plus webmail access with up to five email accounts.

Business Internet Service

Keep your customers happy and your business running smoothly with business internet service from Wheat State Technologies. We’ve got the most reliable network around, so you can count on us for business internet in Udall that works when you need it. And with every plan, you’ll get webmail access with up to five email accounts plus protection against spam and computer viruses.

Fiber Internet Only Plans

(No Phone Line Required)

Landline Phone Service in Udall, KS

Home Phone Service

Rural cell phone coverage might be uncertain, but you can always count on residential phone service in Udall from Wheat State Technologies. Enjoy crystal-clear voice calling with unlimited local calls and the option to customize your plan with enhanced calling features like call waiting and caller ID.

Business Phone Service

Make sure your customers can reach you every time with Wheat State Technologies’ business phone service. We provide telephone plans for companies of all sizes in the Udall, Kansas, area. Get crystal clear voice calls, free unlimited local calling, and the option to add enhanced features that make doing business even easier.

Wheat State Technologies provides state-of the-art digital one-party phone service. In addition, we provide enhanced calling features like Caller ID and Voice Mail, unlimited local calling and flat rate long distance packages. Wheat State Technologies also provides excellent customer service close to your neighborhood from three local business offices.


Residential and Business telephone service with Wheat State Technologies includes:

Call your neighbor

  • Digital switching for ultimate reliability
  • Unlimited local calling
  • 911 Emergency Calling Service
  • 900 & 976 (pay per call) blocking
  • Long Distance Call blocking

Call out of town friends and family

  • Great plans to suit your calling needs.
  • No blackout times or restrictions – rates are good 7 days per week, 24 hours a day
  • Low international rates.
  • Single bill for both your long distance and local service.
  • Incoming 800# service is available at equally competitive rates.

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Get Peace of Mind with These Add-On Services

Tech Support

Wheat State Technologies will be your personal IT team with home technology support services in Udall, KS.

Service Guard

Guard against unexpected internet wiring & equipment repairs with Wheat State Technologies’ Service Guard.


Never worry about losing important digital files, thanks to FileHopper cloud storage & automatic backup.


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