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FileHopper Cloud Storage & Back-Up

One hard drive crash can wipe out years of memories, financial records, school papers and work files. Protect your valuable files from fire, theft, accidental deletion or even an untimely coffee spill with FileHopper.

FileHopper file sharing & online backup is the easiest way to store and share your files. It automatically backs up your important documents, photos, music and emails to safeguard your precious memories and important data. And with FileHopper’s 128-bit encryption, you’ll know your documents are secure.

FileHopper’s cloud-based storage and backup means your files are available wherever you go, while the available desktop software is easy to access at home.

Be prepared for anything with FileHopper. Cloud storage and file sharing is available in different packages depending on your internet plan:

FileHopper with Bundled Internet

  • 50GB Included FREE

FileHopper with À La Carte Internet Plans

  • 50GB – $5.99/month
  • 250GB – $14.99/month