Internet Service Rural Burns KS

High-Speed Internet Provider in Rural Burns

High-Speed Internet Provider in Rural Burns

Wheat State Technologies is a business and residential high-speed internet provider in Rural Burns, KS. We serve rural communities around central Kansas and the Flint Hills. You can count on us to deliver exceptional customer service, 24/7 help desk support, cost-effective pricing and the most reliable network around.

Rural Internet Service in Rural Burns, KS

Home Internet Service

If you’re looking for fast, reliable home internet in Rural Burns, we’ve got the answer. Wheat State Technologies offers high-speed residential Edge broadband internet in rural Kansas communities. You can get started online now: simply select the speed you need. Rest assured, every plan includes free spam and virus protection, webmail access, and five email accounts.

Business Internet Service

When you trust your business internet service to Wheat State Technologies, you’ll be able to keep your business running smoothly and your customers happy. We’ve got the most reliable network around, so you can count on us for broadband business internet in Rural Burns that works when you need it. And, every plan comes with free antivirus and spam protection along with webmail access and up to five email accounts.

Choose Your Plan

Choose the fastest, most reliable Internet service around for your home or business network. Your WST Internet connection will deliver the content you need as fast as you want it because it is powered by a cutting-edge fiber-optic network. Whether you are working from home, doing homework, or playing online games your household will be equipped with the capacity and reliability everyone needs to get the job done. 

Select from the following High-Speed Internet packages to connect your home Wi-Fi and all of your Internet-enabled devices to the most reliable Internet service in your neighborhood.


Full-featured Internet Package


Most reliable Internet network


24/7/365 Help Desk & technical support

Get Peace of Mind with These Add-On Services

Tech Support

Wheat State Technologies will be your personal IT team with home technology support services in Rural Burns, KS.

Service Guard

Guard against unexpected internet wiring & equipment repairs with Wheat State Technologies’ Service Guard.


Never worry about losing important digital files, thanks to FileHopper cloud storage & automatic backup.


Contact Wheat State Technologies today for help choosing internet service in Cassoday, Kansas.