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Ask about the ITbit 25M/5M package for $29.99/mo.

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How Much Speed Do You Need?

Internet speed, or a lack thereof, can greatly impact the quality of your online experience. The right speed for you will depend on how many users are in your household and what they typically do online. Take a look at these general guidelines to help you decide:

1. How many internet users in your household?

2. How many Internet enabled devices

3. How often do you use these devices in your home?

1-2 times per day
Download Speed:10Mbps
This is an option for a small household that primarily uses basic Internet applications such as email and web browsing.
Most every evening
Download Speed: 15Mbps
The Federal Communications Commission considers 4 Mbps the minimum speed “generally required for using today’s video-rich broadband applications and services while retaining sufficient capacity for basic web browsing and email.”
Most every evening PLUS some streaming or gaming
Download Speed: 25 Mbps
This connection speed is a good middle ground for many home subscribers, especially those who want to stream TV programs or movies. It also works well for most online gaming.
Multiple Users most every evening w/ streaming and gaming
Download Speed: 50Mbps
For a household with multiple heavy users of the Internet, this super-fast level may be the best choice. For example, you may want these high speeds if you often have one person watching TV online, another downloading videos, and kids doing online gaming — all at the same time.

File Hopper

Automatically safeguard your precious memories and important documents. FileHopper Cloud Storage & Back-up FileHopper file sharing & online backup is the easiest way to store and share your files!

Available as desktop software your files will be available wherever you go!

It only takes one to see the value of FileHopper: one hard drive crash, one fire, one break in, one accidental deletion, or one Big Gulp® spill and all your valuable files and precious memories are gone. So be prepared for anything! Backup your important documents, photos, music, and emails with FileHopper today. Plus, you’ll know your documents are safe with FileHopper’s 128-bit encryption.

Cloud storage and file sharing for all your storage needs are available in different packages depending on your internet plan:

Bundled Internet

50GB – Included Free with Bundled Plans

À la carte Internet Plans

50GB – $5.99/month

250GB – $14.99/month

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