Edge Broadband Services

Edge Broadband Internet Service

Wheat State Technologies (WST) is a local communications provider serving customers in rural areas of the state with broadband Internet access, powered by a cutting edge fiber optic network. This network is the backbone that connects you to the town next door and the rest of the world.

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Choose the fastest, most reliable Internet service around for your home or business network. Your WST Internet connection will deliver the content you need as fast as you want it because it is powered by a cutting-edge fiber-optic network. Whether you are working from home, doing homework, or playing online games your household will be equipped with the capacity and reliability everyone needs to get the job done. 

Select from the following High-Speed Internet packages to connect your home Wi-Fi and all of your Internet-enabled devices to the most reliable Internet service in your neighborhood.


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Most reliable Internet network


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WST Fiber is the Ultimate Home Improvement

WST is building a fiber network in the Oxford and rural Burns communities. Your home or business will have access to the higher Internet bandwidth packages a fiber network brings.

You can:


Take advantage of today’s new technologies such as smart home devices and appliances.


Enjoy super-fast internet speeds to keep pace with multiple users and applications.

*Service availability and internet speeds will depend on location. Call us for complete details.

Oxford Service Area

Rural Burns Service Area